How to sell or recycle your phone for cash

Mobile phones are a necessity of a modern world. There are range of smartphones available in the market, loaded with features and modern technologies. As new technologies are launched, a latest phone model replaces the older ones, making them obsolete for phone enthusiasts. Mobile phones also become old due to regular use and may start giving you minor problems. This hives you another reason to sell an old mobile phone and invest in a new one. No matter what your reason is to sell your old mobile phone, you will be excited to know that you can now sell your old mobile phone or cash.

One are the days when you have to keep your phone around as a spare or give to family or friends because it was no good to you. Today, you can easily sell old phone and make some cash. Ow? Let us elaborate how you can sell old phone and me some cash, but before, you must have an idea how much money can you get for your old pone.

What is the worth of your old phone?

The model, age and condition of your pone are the key decisive factors that help you calculate the price of your old phone. You may get around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10000 for your mobile phone. However, if you have some premium mobile phone, you may get a higher price, beyond the range.

Phones that fetch you better prices have the following features:

  • Great condition
  • Age- 1-2 years old
  • Premium brand like iPhone
  • Unique colour

You can get a great price for your old phone if you sell it directly to a buyer who buys old phones.

How to sell old phone?

Here is a step-by-step guide that would help you sell your old phone and make some cash:

  • Evaluate your phone:

You must always evaluate your phone on your own and make a list of its pros. You may have a phone in a great condition or it may be used for a few days or month maybe. You will need these pointers while listing your phone.

  • Find a reliable platform to sell old phone:

There are various platforms where you can list your old phone for sale. However, you must ensure that the platform you are choosing is highly rated by its previous users. This will help you get a better and confirmed price for your old phone.

  • List your phone along with the key points

Lists your phone on the website and ensure you write all the good points about it to ensure you get a better price.

  • Choose the right price and sell it off

You will be offered a price and if you find it acceptable, just sell your old phone.

Hope you get the best price or your old phone and have enough cash to invest in a new phone of your choice.

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