How much is my old iPhone worth?

IPhone is indeed one of the premium mobile phones brands that have a great demand in the market. Every latest model of the phone is pre-booked by mobile enthusiasts as the phone not only offers a range of premium features, but is also considered as a status symbol by many. When an iPhone owner buys a latest model iPhone, the existing one becomes of no use to him. If you have invested in the latest iPhone model and are wondering what to do with your old phone, we have some great news. You can sell your old pone online and make some cash. But, what should be the right price for selling your old iPhone?

Here is how you can decide the worth off your old iPhone you sell old phone online:

  • Age:

If your phone is not more than a year old, you can sell it at a good price somewhere around 10-15% less of the original price. However, if you have used it for a year or more, the depreciation would be around 25-50%, depending on other factors.

  • Condition:

The condition of your phone is a key decisive factor that helps you determine the right price. You can expect a phone to be sold at a handsome price if it is in good conditions and haven’t been repaired before. However, if you get the phone repaired or there are signs of wear and tear and physical damage, the price would be lesser.

  • Model:

The price of an old iPhone depends on its model. Models like iPhone X and iPhone SE are better priced than the older versions. Whenever you sell your old pone online, make sure you check the existing market price of the particular model.

  • Storage and Memory:

IPhone are available in different variant and the cost for each variant is different. The common memory and storage variants are 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128GB and 256 GB.

There are various other factors that may affect the price of your old iPhone. A unique coloured iPhone may get a better price when compared to common colours. Also, the platform you choose to sell your iPhone also affects the resale price.

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